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Traffic Volumes

Traffic volumes within the corridor, according to 2005 counts by HCEO, vary from 9,100 vehicles per day (vpd) just west of School Road, to 15,528 vpd at Reed Hartman Highway (west project limit) and 16,397 vpd at the Sycamore Trace Apartments (east limit):


Crash Data

According to a Ohio Department of Public Safety crash data, summarized in a 2002 Safety Study by Edwards and Kelcey, there were 229 crashes between 1999–2001, including 60 (26%) that resulted in injuries.

Most common causes included:

  • 58% were Rear End crashes

  • 26% were Angle/Left Turn crashes

  • 16% were Head-On, Sideswipe, Other, Pedestrian and Fixed Object crashes

Fields Ertel Road is classified as a Minor Arterial by the Hamilton County Engineer’s Office, extending from US 42 (approximately 1 mile west of the study limits) to Montgomery Road (½ mile east of the study limits), and ultimately Lebanon Road, another ½ mile to the east.

Other Existing Conditions

Land Use

AM Peak Hour 2-way Volumes

PM Peak Hour 2-way Volumes
Crash History 2004-2006